5 K-Dramas Where Male Lead Is a ‘Loser’

5 K-Dramas Where Male Lead Is a ‘Loser’
Image credit: JTBC, KBS2, MBC TV, tvN

But what does "loser" actually mean in K-dramas?

There's a thing about South Korean TV shows that the main characters have to be perfect in every way. If they are the protagonists of the show, they have to be beautiful, smart, polite, and the list goes on.

And while there have been some relaxations for female leads, having some sort of goofy male lead was not even considered an option.

However, in the past few years, everything has changed and even men are allowed to have flaws and let go of the superhero canon. Here are five K-dramas where the male lead is kind of a loser, but we like it.

1. Welcome to Waikiki

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This K-drama introduces us to three losers at once. They are all weird in their own way, for example Dong Goo can be described as a "bad luck charm" who is also a dreamer. Joon Ki is a struggling actor, and Doo Shik says he is a writer, but most of the time he just sits around doing nothing. Not exactly the description of your dream boyfriend, right?

Anyway, together they manage to run a guesthouse called Waikiki, but in order to find out just how successful they are, you’ll have to watch the K-drama.

2. Fight for My Way

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This K-drama focuses on the work-related problems of several people, but Park Seo-joon's character Ko Dong-man really stands out. He always wanted to be a famous taekwondo athlete, but now he works as a hired hand in a mediocre office. Will he have a chance to become something more than an ordinary nothing if his background is not helpful?

“I wish Park Seo-joon would do more roles like this. I know he was the perfect “vice chairman” but I think he plays an Everyman so much better,” Redditor OnlyGotThisMoment said.

3. Shopping King Louie

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This rom-com focuses on former shopaholic Louis, a wealthy young man who loses his memory and becomes a full-fledged homeless person. His journey is tough, but the way he behaves actually makes you smile. And his interactions with the female lead who tries to help him are just silly and adorable.

“He’s not cold and is very much a loser throughout much of it, but an adorable loser. The FL can’t help herself- she has to help him out because he's so down on his luck and sweetness!” Redditor moonchild358 said.

4. When the Camellia Blooms

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The story of this K-drama revolves around Dong Baek, a single mother who also runs her bar all by herself. While there is a lot of gossip around her, there is one man who falls in love with Baek and tries to help her. This man is Hwang Yong Shik, a police officer.

But the fans think that he is not really a hero. He is a lovable fool who only became a policeman because of some chaotic and random events. He is not good with his own emotions and would never have become a winner in real life.

5. Bad and Crazy

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The main character of this K-drama, Soo Yeol, goes through several transformations throughout the series. He starts out as a chaotic and somewhat silly detective, who is also corrupt, but is looking for justice. He combines qualities that do not go together. He also starts out kind of pathetic and weak before character development kicks in later in the drama. So he fits this list perfectly.