5 Most Disturbing and Scary Harry Potter Scenes, Ranked by the Fans

5 Most Disturbing and Scary Harry Potter Scenes, Ranked by the Fans
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The Harry Potter movies were by no means a horror, but they had their fair share of creepy moments that had fans jump in their seats. Here are the five most disturbing.

5. The Acromantula Chase

In The Chamber of Secrets, Harry and Ron went to the Forbidden Forest following the trails of spiders crawling there and found the den of the Acromantula. Aragog, their leader and Hagrid’s old friend, decided to not spare the younglings — and many viewers were petrified as giant spiders chased the two kids trying to eat them alive.

4. The Dementors’ Attack

While there were quite a few scenes involving the Dementors, most Potterheads agree that the scene in The Prisoner of Azkaban, when the nasty creatures were patrolling the train, was the most disturbing. It’s closely followed by the Dementors’ attack in The Order of the Phoenix…but honestly, their mere presence is enough.

3. The Inferi Attack

The most unsettling sequence in The Half-Blood Prince, the Inferi attack was, without a doubt, terrifying. The bloated corpses rising from the deep dark waters to drag Harry and Professor Dumbledore down to the bottom, the wise old wizard going progressively weaker and more insane… This was quite a journey for all the viewers.

2. The Graveyard Ritual

The graveyard scene in The Goblet of Fire had all the classic uncanny valley vibes to it. From the moment the portkey works, you sense something’s terribly off; then, you see the crosses, the dark figure in the distance, the quiet hiss “Kill the spare”... And you realize the Tournament has suddenly turned into a nightmare in its own right.

1. Bathilda’s House

The winner of our shortlist, this painfully long and disturbing sequence in The Deathly Hallows had everyone frozen in horror as the feeling of something dark kept creeping upon us. Then, the sudden drop of the body, the launching giant serpent attack, and we all just jump to the ceiling right from the couch. Many fans admit they always skip the scene in Bathilda’s house upon rewatching.

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