5 Movies To Watch In February With Hulu On Disney Plus Bundle

5 Movies To Watch In February With Hulu On Disney Plus Bundle
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See if the bundle is worth its price.

If you have a Disney Plus subscription, you've probably thought about checking out the Hulu on Disney Plus hub, which offers a lot more original TV shows and movies for a fraction of the price of a full Hulu subscription.

Although the hub is still in beta, there are already some great finds to watch.

And from February 1, there will be even more! Check out the list of the top 5 movies which will be added to the Hulu on Disney Plus hub next month to see if anything catches your eye.

Pretty Woman (1990)

Although the morality behind the story may be highly questionable, this romantic comedy starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts will never go out of fashion. Whether it is the perfect acting and magnetic chemistry between the two leads, or the brilliantly humorous writing of the script, Pretty Woman remains one of the most beloved romances of the 90s.

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

This film blew up the internet with reviews in 2017, and still lives on in our minds as one of the most heartfelt tales of summer love and the inevitable heartbreak that immediately follows. If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a beautiful Italian town and feel the excitement of first love, Call Me By Your Name is the film to watch.

Mr & Mrs Smith (2005)

No matter what you think of the recent remake, the original Mr. & Mrs. Smith is not easily replaced. This action-packed masterpiece of a film was the first to launch Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's reign as Hollywood's most influential and talked-about couple. Those days may be over, but the film will always be there for us to revisit.

Jason Bourne (2016)

Unfortunately for fans of the franchise, Jason Bourne is the only film to have been added. However, for those who are nostalgic and want to see Matt Damon reprise his role as secret agent David Webb, best known by the alias used in the film's title, this is the perfect film to spend the night with.

The Twilight franchise (2008-2012)

Not just the first Twilight movie, but every single one of the five is now available to rewatch for any subscriber to the Hulu On Disney Plus bundle. Grab your favourite snacks, invite friends over for a movie night, and embark on the iconic journey of Bella Swan as she finds love with the vampire she cannot stay away from.