5 Plot Twists in Harry Potter That Still Hit Hard

5 Plot Twists in Harry Potter That Still Hit Hard
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Pretty much every chapter of the story had its own twist, but some of them still work today, even when they are no longer a mystery.

The story of 'The Boy Who Lived' had many unexpected twists and turns, though few people are really surprised to learn about them today — that's how popular the saga is.

However, some of the twists still hit hard. After all this time? Always.

Ginny opening the Chamber of Secrets

The fact that it was the youngest Weasley sibling, Ginny, who ruined Harry's second year at Hogwarts came as quite a shock to fans when they first learned of it. Many consider Chamber of Secrets to be one of the most underrated chapters, even though it is basically Harry interacting with a Horcrux for the first time and learning who his mortal enemy actually is. The eerie words written in blood, "Her skeleton shall remain in the Chamber forever," still haunt Harry Potter fans.

Peter Pettigrew as Scabbers

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Flash forward to year three, when Harry spends so much time hating the wrong man for betraying his parents, even though the real traitor has been... sleeping with his best friend Ron for over a decade.

Peter Pettigrew being Scabbers was not only an unexpected plot twist, but also a creepy thing to find out. Seriously, did the Weasley twins never take a good look at the Marauder's Map?

Barty Crouch Jr. as Mad Eye

Goblet of Fire also had a plot twist of its own, revealing that Harry's most trusted teacher, who helped him through the Triwizard Tournament, was a Death Eater all along. Happens all the time when you are a Chosen One...

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Snape being good

Easily the most heartbreaking twist in the entire series, according to many fans. Severus Snape killing Dumbledore at his own request and being a double agent to protect Harry for the sake of his eternal love for his mother... you may say you don't want to cry when you read this, but we just don't believe you.

Harry being a Horcrux

Finally, the twist that made the series finale as powerful and overwhelming as it was. When your teacher turns out to be a Death Eater, that's one thing. But to discover that you were your archenemy's Horcrux all along... that was devastating for both the character and the fandom.