5 Shows to Help You Get Over Succession's Finale, According to Fans

5 Shows to Help You Get Over Succession's Finale, According to Fans
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Succession-sickness won't be so unbearable if you watch these TV gems.

There are only two episodes left until we have to face the reality — Succession has ended. While it is sad to admit, fans are already looking for a show that can fill the void after Succession's finale.

Let's dive into the best shows fans recommend watching after saying goodbye to Succession.


Industry is a cool TV series about a group of young graduates who are competing for a limited number of permanent positions at the top investment bank in London.

These characters are navigating the crazy world of high finance, dealing with stuff like ambition, romance, and the pressure to succeed.

Game of Thrones fans have an additional reason to give it a try, — Kit Harrington joined the show for season 3.


Barry is a captivating dark comedy television series. The show revolves around the life of a former Marine who finds himself working as a hitman.

However, when Barry is assigned a job in Los Angeles, something unexpected happens — he becomes entranced by the world of acting and decides to embark on a new career path.

The show is a fresh and innovative take on the hitman genre and manages to be simultaneously tragic and hilarious.

The bear

After a tragic loss in his family, a talented chef from the upscale culinary scene returns to Chicago to take charge of his family's sandwich shop.

Viewers loved the show for its not worn out plot, for a spot-on depiction of how real kitchens function, and of course, the cast including Jeremy Allen White as a lead actor.

The upcoming second season is set to premiere this June, and Saul Goodman himself — Bob Odenkirk — will be a guest star.

The Righteous Gemstones

The Righteous Gemstones is a television series created by Danny McBride that premiered in 2019.

It narrates about the Gemstone family, a televangelist dynasty spearheaded by the esteemed Eli Gemstone, portrayed brilliantly by John Goodman.

This show is on the list for a good reason — it features a dysfunctional family dynamic that is very similar to Succession.


The show introduces Lumon Industries, a big corporation that implements a highly controversial medical procedure known as severance to divide the consciousness of its employees — in the workplace and outside.

One of the employees, Mark, finds out about a mysterious project that other employees are unconsciously working on.

Ben Stiller directed most of the episodes, and it is quite unexpected to see such a serious project created by him. However, it is definitely a good show, and it is worth watching.

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