5 Singers Who Were Unexpectedly Great In TV Shows

5 Singers Who Were Unexpectedly Great In TV Shows
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We are used to seeing them in the spotlight on stage, but they are also ready to shine in front of the camera lens.

The appearance of musicians in movies or TV shows is no longer considered a rarity. This is a good way not only to draw attention to the movie, but also to remind the singers of their work. Nevertheless, the sight of your favorite star on the screen still causes surprise and joy, especially when you are not expecting it.

Billie Eilish, Swarm

Donald Glover's Swarm is about a competitive girl obsessed with a fictional pop star. Billie Eilish plays the role of a hypnotherapist who is able to influence and manipulate people. Her performance perfectly complemented the overall dark atmosphere of the series. Fans hope that this is just the beginning of her acting career, especially considering that her brother and parents are also acting in various projects.

Jennie, The Idol

The Idol series about the Hollywood music industry has made a big splash. It has received mixed reviews, but the appearance of a member of the K-pop group Blackpink surprised everyone. Jennie plays the role of Dyanne, the dancer and friend of the main character. Dyanne is mysterious and not as innocent as she seems. Many believe that Jennie's presence is the only reason to watch the show.

Taylor Swift, New Girl

Taylor herself was a fan of the New Girl series. This is a story about the relationship between men and women, in the center of which is Jess, an elementary school teacher. The singer was invited to star in the last episode of season 2. She played the role of a girl who unexpectedly showed up at someone else's wedding.

Katy Perry, How I Met Your Mother

Katy Perry starred in the 6th season of the cult series How I Met Your Mother, which can already be considered a classic. The plot describes the life of several friends, as well as how they find their love. The singer played the role of a naive kind girl who turned out to be one of the many girlfriends of the protagonist – Ted Mosby.

Britney Spears, Glee

In 2010, Glee aired an episode dedicated to Britney Spears. The characters performed 5 of her songs, including Toxic and Baby One More Time. The whole episode was about the singer, but Britney herself only appeared for about 30 seconds. But it was enough to please the fans.

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