5 The Office Episodes Directed By Hollywood Stars

5 The Office Episodes Directed By Hollywood Stars
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All of them are truly awards-worthy.

There's nothing more exciting than the idea of a Hollywood director taking over a beloved TV show, whether it's for a season or just a guest episode. While not all of these experiments have worked out in the past, The Office and its extensive collection of guest directors have definitely made some collaborative gems together.

Here are 5 hilarious The Office episodes you didn't know were directed by A-list Hollywood celebrities.

Business School (S3E17) – Joss Whedon

Best known for his TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as his writing and directing work on Avengers, Whedon had many smaller credits throughout his career. The two episodes he directed for The Office certainly count as one of them, and don't lose in epicness to any superhero movie.

Cocktails (S3E18) – J.J. Abrams

The third season of The Office definitely had its own strand of great episodes directed by great talent. To follow Joss Whedon's episode, J.J. Abrams was invited to join the party. Granted, it was hard to imagine the scale of success that awaited Abrams two years later with the release of Star Trek, but his style is definitely evident in the episode.

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Sabre (S6E15) – John Krasinski

Although many are aware of Krasinski's directorial success with A Quiet Place, not many know that the actor had the chance to practice right from the start. He directed 3 episodes of The Office, with season 6's Sabre being his debut. It's safe to say that his talents shone through from the beginning.

Moving On (S9E16) – Jon Favreau

Another director known for his involvement in MCU projects who once worked on The Office was Jon Favreau. The genius who directed the hits that kicked off the entire cinematic universe, Iron Man and Iron Man 2, joined the team of The Office for one of its final episodes to pay tribute to the beloved show.

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Office Olympics (S2E3) – Paul Feig

Feig is known not only for his films, such as Bridesmaids (2011) and Ghostbusters ( 2016), but also for his work on television. The Office isn't the only sitcom the director has worked on, but he has directed 19 episodes for the show, including Office Olympics, as well as fan favorites like Performance Review and Goodbye, Michael.