5 Times MCU Screwed With Its Heroes' Powers To Fit The Narrative

5 Times MCU Screwed With Its Heroes' Powers To Fit The Narrative
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Fans were not happy about that.

It's hard enough to make a comic book movie and translate every crazy event that can be drawn into a live-action movie. It's even harder when you're working with a multi-billion dollar brand that has no room for error.

So Marvel fans are usually very understanding of all the changes the movies make from the original comics. After all, they know they're getting a few hours of great acting, funny one-liners, and high-quality special effects. But there's one thing they can't forgive: belittling their favorites.

And unfortunately, the MCU is very guilty of this. Here are 5 of the most infuriating moments where the filmmakers downplayed the character's superpowers just to fit the narrative.

Thor in Love and Thunder

It was just upsetting to see the God of Thunder from the end of Ragnarok disappear, and get a hero that doesn’t seem like a hero at all. Although his opponent, the villain of the story, Gorr, was nerfed as well, Thor felt like a helpless puppy next to him, and many fans believe that’s one of the main reasons the film was so disappointing.

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The Whole of Mantis

Unfortunately, in the whole Guardians of The Galaxy saga, the writers did Mantis very dirty by not even slightly developing her character, aside from a corny love story. Compared to the comic book version, Mantis couldn’t even stand, and that’s a shame, as Pom Klementieff would be perfect to portray Mantis as the goddess that she is.

Quicksilver’s Death

It might not be the largest downplay, considering many others that happened thanks to the MCU, but that was one of the most memorable ones. Quicksilver’s death in Avengers: Age of Ultron was so infuriating, it definitely played a part in Age of Ultron becoming the worst-rated Avengers film to date.

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Loki Being Strangled By… A Usual Dude

Do you remember the moment Captain America himself said that punching Loki was like punching a brick wall? That’s much more believable if you remember you’re dealing with a powerful God. The only reasonable explanation for that would be Sylvie powering up her servants, but that wasn’t obvious if she did.

Hulk Getting Hit By Jeep

We must admit it, MCU’s Hulk is one of the weakest versions out there, and getting hit by a car is exactly the thing that would be expected of him. However, in any other version of events, that would be absolutely unbelievable, and true Bruce Banner fans feel terrible for their favorite character being treated like this.