5 Turkish Series to Watch in English on Netflix

5 Turkish Series to Watch in English on Netflix
Image credit: Netflix

Each of these Turkish series brings something unique to the table.

Netflix has paved the road for many great international TV shows, giving us a peek into all sorts of cultures and stories. Turkish series on the platform managed to stand out by bringing gripping stories with complex characters. Here are five Turkish series, all available in English on Netflix, that you just can't miss.

50M2 (2021)

50M2 follows Gölge, a hitman seeking a fresh start, who finds refuge in a tailor shop. Mistaken for the deceased owner's son, Gölge plays along, but as he tries to keep his past hidden, things get thrillingly complicated. The series is a top pick for thriller enthusiasts.

Fatma (2021)

Fatma is a gripping tale of an ordinary cleaning lady thrust into the criminal underworld. After her husband vanishes post-prison release, Fatma's search for answers leads her down a dark path of murder and survival, transforming her into an unexpected vigilante.

The Club (2021)

This 2021 series sends us back into 1950s Istanbul. It is a unique series exploring an era rarely depicted in Turkish television. It follows a mother working in a vibrant nightclub, hoping to mend her relationship with her daughter.

This show is a visual feast, offering a lavish and artistic portrayal of a turbulent time.

4. Ethos (2020)

Ethos presents a profound narrative about Turkey's societal divide. It centers around Meryem, a cleaner in love with her employer, who starts therapy for her psychological woes.

The series delves into the tensions between conservative and secular lifestyles in Turkey.

5. Love 101 (2020)

Love 101 takes you to the heart of Istanbul, where four teenage outcasts hatch a plan to keep their beloved teacher, Burcu, from leaving.

This show offers a heartwarming look at friendship, rebellion, and youth. It's a relatable, feel-good series that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good coming-of-age story.