5 TV Shows That Ended in 2023 So You Can Binge-Watch Them From Start to Finish

5 TV Shows That Ended in 2023 So You Can Binge-Watch Them From Start to Finish
Image credit: Amazon Prime Video, HBO

These projects have been able to maintain a high level of quality until the very end.

If you're one of those people who can't stand waiting for new episodes to be released and only watch TV shows after they've finished, we’ve got you covered.

These are the five best projects that have had their final episodes released this year.

1. Happy Valley, 2014-2023

If you have seen the 2021 TV hit with Kate Winslet Mare of Easttown, you will not be able to avoid comparing these two projects. They are very similar. Even too much. In general, Mare of Easttown looks like a remake that was slightly altered to avoid paying for the copyright.

There is no Kate Winslet or Hollywood intrigue. But there are more realistic characters, and a deeper analysis of people's feelings, thoughts, and actions.

Happy Valley is not a standard procedural where everyone gets justice. It is an extremely well done mixture of a tough detective story and a piercing psychological drama that you won't be able to stop watching until the credits roll.

2. Reservation Dogs, 2021-2023

The story centers on four Native American teenagers living on a reservation. They are united by one goal – to leave Oklahoma and go to California. To get there, they are willing to steal and resell anything they can find: cars, steaks, and even chips.

These are just 28 very funny, heartfelt, and sometimes sad episodes about a community that rarely appears on screen. Young people commit petty crimes and dream of breaking out of the reservation, while elders regret missed opportunities.

3. Barry, 2018-2023

Once upon a time it started as a funny comedy. The main character, retired Marine Barry, began working as a contract killer under the guidance of a family friend, but after experiencing emotional burnout, he decided to try something different and go into acting.

Over the course of four seasons, Barry has evolved from a strong dark comedy into a massive, heartbreaking drama that will keep you glued to the screen until the last second of the final episode.

4. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, 2017-2023

Miriam had the perfect life: a happy marriage, a large apartment in a prestigious New York neighborhood, two children, an impressive wardrobe, and an intelligent Jewish family. But on Yom Kippur, the husband packs his suitcase and goes to his secretary.

After five seasons, the show ended on a high note. The scene in the Tonight Show studio when Midge gets her first TV gig is so good that it needs no further explanation. Midge Maisel's story came to a touching and hilarious conclusion worthy of the main character herself.

5. Succession, 2018-2023

If you haven't watched the most prominent drama of the past few years, the Christmas holidays are just the time to catch up. While streaming platforms tried to repeat the success of Game of Thrones and create a new fantasy hit, the main drama on TV was Succession – a story that surprised viewers not with action, but with dynamic dialogues with perverse insults.

Succession is a satirical but touching drama, executed at an exceptionally high level. Showrunner Jesse Armstrong masterfully combines an emotional story about a wealthy but unhappy family with a tense tale of corporate confrontation in the media business.