6 Movie Sequels So Bad You Won't Believe They Exist

6 Movie Sequels So Bad You Won't Believe They Exist
Image credit: Legion-Media

Not every sequel was actually needed, you know?

Sometimes movies or series are better left as stand-alone stories. But here we have 6 sequels that either went under the radar or were so bad that their existence was just wiped from the collective memory.

Just tell us: how many of the movies from this list have you ever heard of, let alone watched? And we get it, okay: when you release a surprisingly popular movie, you wanna ride that wave of success and gain even more fame and wealth by using the concept that previously put you in the spotlight. It's trivial and understandable, but in these cases, it was completely unneeded.

These stories were perfect with no continuation, executed their concepts in the right way — and that's exactly what made them popular and loved by moviegoers.

Sequels, the ones that dropped in quality and sometimes even retconned the events of the original movies, could've tainted the general perception of these franchises.

But, thankfully, these were just forgotten and we still enjoy the adventures of Elle Woods with no recollection of the events of Legally Blondes instead of dunking on the first movie. Ignorance may be the best policy sometimes.