6 Worst Hair Crimes In TV And Movie History, Ranked

6 Worst Hair Crimes In TV And Movie History, Ranked
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Why is it always the bangs?

A main character's appearance, especially their hairstyle, can be a powerful tool for their development, but sometimes it can go terribly wrong. From unfortunate hairstyles to questionable wig choices, here are 6 of the worst hair crimes in TV and movie history.

6. Gale Weathers in Scream 3

Courteney Cox 's Gale Weathers certainly has a knack for getting into dangerous situations in the Scream franchise, and her hair choice in the third installment was equally risky. The super-short-cut bangs sticking out in different directions may have been in keeping with the horror of the movie, but it definitely had nothing to do with Gale's fierce and badass nature.

5. John Tate in Halloween H20

Hollywood seems to hold a grudge on Josh Hartnett because there is no way they made him so dirty a couple of times in a row for nothing. First in Faculty, and then in Halloween H20, Josh's character, John Tate, and his bowl cut, transplanted to his head straight from Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber, deserved to be anywhere but next to the iconic Laurie Strode.

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4. Will Byers in Stranger Things

Poor Will Byers from Stranger Things has had his fair share of challenges in life but his hair has had an equally rough time. His signature bowl cut, while a nostalgic nod to the '80s, may have looked cute in the early seasons but completely lost its meaning in the last one. Please give this kid a break, and better not a heart- one.

3. Sam Winchester in Supernatural

While Jared Padalecki 's Sam Winchester's growth over the course of the show was impressive, so was his hair, which seemed to have a life of its own, growing with the character from season to season. But if we could get over Sam's unique hairstyle preferences, the way his hair was portrayed in the final episode was more terrifying than the monsters on the show.

As we see Sam living his life without Dean and growing older, so does his hair. Whatever that wig was, someone from the SNL sketch might have deliberately dropped it.

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2. Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev nailed her roles as the caring human, Elena Gilbert, and the centuries-old, eccentric vampire, Katherine Pierce, portraying two polar opposite characters to perfection. However, while the actress wore wigs all the time as Katherine and looked absolutely fantastic in them, when her character Elena stepped out of the coffin in the show's finale, we wished she had stayed there.

Well, at least we know there is no hairdresser in the afterlife.

1. Tessa Young in After Ever Happy

While Tessa went through a life-changing transformation after her breakup with Hardin, so did her hair. Changing her long, beautiful natural hairstyle and ruining it with obviously homemade bangs was just as terrible an idea as forgiving Hardin. The man so messed up our precious girl that she had a mental breakdown and let TikTok make her cut the bangs.

Do you think Tessa should have forgiven Hardin?