7 Best Sci-Fi Shows on Apple TV+ to Stream in February 2024

7 Best Sci-Fi Shows on Apple TV+ to Stream in February 2024
Image credit: Apple TV+

In just a few short years, Apple TV + has become one of the biggest and most popular streaming services around, delighting directors who have been given carte blanche to produce their shows and fans who have marveled at the quality of the content they have been given.

And it looks like Apple TV producers have already found a genre they thrive in - sci-fi shows. The platform has already premiered 7 great futuristic projects, and we decided to rank them by quality.

Almost half of the shows on this list are bangers, with projects like "Silo " and "Severance " likely to secure Apple TV's future for years to come, as fans have been clamoring for these shows to return after their stellar first seasons.

Of course, it's a little early to call them outright masterpieces, but Apple TV + itself is a fairly young company, and there's no denying that it's been more successful than the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime in making its shows feel unique and original.

Let's hope the producers don't stray from their winning formula and continue to hire great directors and writers to create sci-fi shows, while carefully supporting the quality of their earlier ongoing shows, because they are all far from over!