7 Most Gripping Dramas to Check Out on Apple TV+

7 Most Gripping Dramas to Check Out on Apple TV+
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Why? To feel the thrill, of course!

Not every show is for fun, some of them are made to send the viewers on an emotional roller coaster, and what is better to watch on that matter than a gritting mystery or a thriller? Especially when there is some science fiction blended in, or a crime story.

All the major streaming platforms already gathered that these kinds of shows are the most popular among the viewers, that’s why most of their original series are made in such genres.

That’s why we want you to focus your attention on these 7 gripping dramas on Apple TV+.

1. Foundation (2021)

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The series focuses on a future in which the Empire (a complex universe including many planets) faces a reckoning unlike any it's ever faced. The whole millennia of chaos is now being predicted by the galaxy's foremost psycho-historian, Hari Seldon. The main question now is, will the Empire be able to stop the cataclysm before it begins?

The series is an adaptation of the books written by Isaac Asimov, so some fans of the story are offended by the changes the show has, but the other half are happy for the new twists in the original story.

“If you're a scifi fan it's a must watch. Really cool premises and concepts. It clearly has its own writing and adaptation issues with so many people loving the source material, but it absolutely still works,” Redditor telerock said.

2. For All Mankind (2019)

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The first season of the show was released in 2019, and now it's already in its fourth season, so this fact alone means that there is a huge interest in the show among viewers. The events of the series take place in an alternate universe where the Soviet Union beats the United States to the Moon.

As a result, the space race is prolonged for decades and the goals become even bigger. NASA must find a way to prevent the rival from becoming the sole leader in the field, and is willing to do anything for that.

3. Silo ( 2023)

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This sci-fi masterpiece was released in 2023 and blew the minds of the audience with its gripping story. The thing is, it is set far in a post-apocalyptic future, where people live in an underground facility called silo. Half of them are not questioning their lives, blindly following the rules of the ones who create them, even though they seem far from democratic. But the other half…

It’s them who ask questions, willing to find the truth about whatever really happened before, and who gets punished at the end. Rebecca Ferguson plays the main character in the series, which is already greenlit for season 2.

4. Black Bird ( 2022)

Fans of Taron Egerton have probably seen it, but for those who haven't, Black Bird is a miniseries in which the actor plays a convict who is offered the chance to work with the police to get another criminal to reveal the truth about his murders.

“6 episodes is a good length to tell this story, and if you enjoy the True Crime formula, then this doesn't let you down. There's more dialogue than action but it is a good balance I feel,” Redditor mazineddit said.

5. Severance ( 2022)

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Everything is great about this series: the script is absolutely unique, the writing just amazes, and the acting is brilliant. The central premise of the series is the concept of severance – a surgery that makes your memories from work stay at work and far away from your personal life.

The employees of Lumon Industries are forced to undergo the procedure, but some of them are starting to realize that something evil is actually going on in the company…

6. See (2019)

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A perfect watch for fans of sci-fi action drama and for those who missed Jason Momoa playing a badass. The series called See is set far in a dystopian future where the human race has lost the sense of sight and society has had to find new ways to interact, build, hunt and survive.

Things become even more complicated when a set of twins are born in the village. No one knows what to do with them, and most importantly, if it is okay to keep them alive?

7. Calls (2021)

Probably one of the most unusual TV shows ever, mainly because of the visuals, no doubt. Calls consist of pictures of text.

Yes, you won't see anything else, just the text and no pictures. But there will also be sounds. Of course, to make the show thrilling enough, these texts are stronger than any video you can imagine...

The text and the sound are from phone calls between people who are starting to experience some kind of apocalyptic event. And it's just terrifying.