7 Most Hated Grey’s Anatomy Characters, Ranked by Uselessness

7 Most Hated Grey’s Anatomy Characters, Ranked by Uselessness
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Grey’s Anatomy has certainly introduced its fair share of annoying characters over the course of 19 seasons.

Reddit fans have determined which of those characters are not only maddening, but also kind of useless. Here are their top seven choices.

7. Megan Hunt

Megan is literally the plot device that the writers used to break Meredith and Nathan up. Her first appearance ruined their happily-ever-after, and her second one destroyed her and Nathan’s relationship. Why, Grey’s Anatomy, just why?

6. Nico Kim

Nico has given Levi a storyline, and that’s just about everything that he has done so far. Fans don’t like him and don’t really miss him since Nico is now more of an absentee on the show.

5. Eliza Minnick

It is probably not Eliza’s fault that she is so universally hated by the fans. She was just doing her job. Still, she found herself in a messed-up situation, and the people just needed someone to blame for it. That someone happened to be Eliza.

4. Ava/Rebecca Pope

This character used to make the viewers feel a lot of sympathy for her, but that ended quickly. Her storyline is infuriating, and our heads hurt every time we think about her romance with Alex Karev. Brr!

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3. Derek’s Other Sisters

Amelia has a story arc within the show, but Derek’s other sisters, Nancy, Liz, and Kathleen, are just that: Derek’s sisters. They pop up once or twice throughout the series and serve no real purpose whatsoever.

2. Sadie Harris

Sadie is introduced in season 5 as the intern who goes out of her way to corrupt Lexie and the other interns. It seems like Meredith’s old gal pal was there simply to irk audiences with her nonsensical behavior and stupid nicknames, and boy did she succeed!

Isn’t she the worst?

1. The Interns

Most fans agree that the ever-changing interns are becoming more and more useless with each season. Will season 20 be any different? We really, really, really doubt it. Writers, please give the interns something to do!

Do you agree with the ranking?

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