8 Best George Cooper Moments From Young Sheldon to Remember Him By

8 Best George Cooper Moments From Young Sheldon to Remember Him By
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Saying goodbye is never easy.

Throughout Young Sheldon 's run, those fans who were previously familiar with The Big Bang Theory knew that George Cooper, Sheldon's father, would die. However, seeing how many changes the writers made to the Cooper family dynamic, some people had a glimmer of hope that the show would end on a positive note.

Even though the finale was sweet and heartfelt, the sendoff was darkened by the loss of one of the fan-favorite characters. Due to the shortened season, Young Sheldon didn't get a chance to sneak in an episode or two and instead had to bombard viewers with emotion. If you're not ready to say goodbye to George Cooper, here are 8 of his best moments.

Standing Up for Veronica

There is nothing worse than being under the control of someone who is abusive and manipulative. Seeing how threatening Veronica's stepfather was to her, George knew he had to stand up and show him his true power. Also, his comment to Mary later on was one of the best comedic moments of the entire show.

Hanging Out With Billy

Even if both parents remain friendly and civil during the divorce, putting their children first and their own feelings second, it is still a traumatic experience. Billy found himself in an even messier situation, and the fact that George recognized the struggle and kept him company says a lot about his empathy and willingness to help.

Saving Missy From Tornado

Given how supportive and caring he has been to other children, it is only natural that he would have protective instincts when it comes to his own. Even though he and Missy had some misunderstandings, the tornado showed that he was willing to shield her with his own body and then be ready to soothe her after the initial shock.

Star Trek Saves the Day

Sheldon's first flight did not go as smoothly as one might expect. Though smart, he was still a kid and got scared of the safety precautions and locked himself in the bathroom. It was George who managed to get him out through the Star Trek parallel and made sure he felt comforted and safe by holding his hand as the plane took off.

Learning About the Thunder from Sheldon

While some people tend to believe that Sheldon’s relationship with his dad was strained because George wasn’t attentive enough, it’s small scenes like the one with the thunderstorm that proved otherwise. Through the rain and lightning it was still very easy to recognize the gaze of a very proud and loving father.

Red Lobster Date

Though there have been some ups and downs in their relationship, and Missy's puberty has strained her bond with her father, there have also been moments so sweet it's hard to forget. The daddy-daughter date at Red Lobster and Missy's first encounter with lobster as a dish is definitely one of them. Plus, she looked absolutely adorable that night!

Finding Out About Mandy’s Pregnancy

They say your kids will test you, and the Cooper siblings definitely did. Georgie telling his dad that he got Mandy pregnant ended up being one of the funniest scenes the two had together, as the poor man could only say ‘Oh no,’ probably knowing all the trouble that's coming their way. Still, he stuck by Georgie's side.

Love Letters to Mary

George and Mary's marriage was always on the rocks, but it was very nice to see them reconcile while they were apart. The long-distance relationship between the US and Germany, and all the letters they wrote to each other definitely strengthened their bond, at least for the last bit of time before the tragedy.