8 Severance Season 2 Theories So Good, They Deserve to Happen

8 Severance Season 2 Theories So Good, They Deserve to Happen
Image credit: Apple TV+

A good screenwriter knows how to make the viewers of the show think, and that's the case of the team behind Severance.

The writers left a lot of questions unanswered in the first season, and we demand the conclusions for some of them in the upcoming continuation.

For a show that was released in 2022 with a 9-episode run, Severance gained a significant fan base that doesn't shy away from speculating about the probable development of the events.

It's not surprising, considering that the show treats the issue of a broken work-life balance that plagues the current generation of workers in a very severe way (pun intended). And while the first season laid a solid foundation, establishing the main points of conflict and the key characters that the viewers will be willing to follow, the second season should offer something more.

We want some answers, we want more introspection, we want to dive deeper into the lives of individual characters and learn more about Lumon, the company behind this technology. And we hope that the next season won't be the last because now it seems that another 9 episode run won't be enough to uncover everything that we want to know.