9-1-1: Lone Star Lead Hopes Fans Won’t Drop the Show Amid Cancellation Rumors

9-1-1: Lone Star Lead Hopes Fans Won’t Drop the Show Amid Cancellation Rumors
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But it’s hard to imagine how it can be salvaged.

No matter how high a show's ratings are and how many viewers it brings to its respective network, it is very common for broadcasters to cancel the series in its prime. Given Fox's history with 9-1-1, which was later picked up by ABC, many expected the same to happen to procedural spinoff Lone Star.

So, if you are a fan of the show looking for answers about season 5, here is everything we know about the 9-1-1 cancellation rumors, as well as the cast's comments on the topic.

Is 9-1-1: Lone Star Canceled?

While many 9-1-1 fans have enjoyed the Lone Star spinoff even more than the original series due to its less dramatic cases and humorous approach, it seems that the show won't be around for much longer. The rumors that the upcoming 5th season will be the last one have been spreading like wildfire on the internet lately.

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Ronen Rubinstein, who plays T.K. Strand, couldn't stay away from all the reports and responded to one of them on his social media to reach out to all the fans.

Like everyone else, the star of the show didn't have a definitive answer on whether or not Lone Star would be canceled after season 5. What he did know, however, is that a lot of effort has been put into this season, and it shouldn't go to waste. Whether this is the last we see of Lone Star or the show survives, Rubinstein hopes to see the ratings remain as high.

“But one thing I do know for certain is we will continue pouring our blood, sweat and tears into these last few episodes and deliver to you our most special season yet. I better see all of you in September,” the actor shared on Instagram stories.

The rumors about the cancellation of the 9-1-1 spinoff on Fox are not groundless. Not only was it left to Fox to produce after the flagship series moved to ABC, but one of the show's most important cast members, Sierra McClain, will not be returning for the upcoming season, leaving the show in a very tough spot.

Still, chances are that the series will continue and find another key to the hearts of its viewers. Since no final decision has been made, fans will have to remain hopeful and support the show through the thick and thin of season 5. 9-1-1: Lone Star will air its upcoming season this fall, so keep an eye out for more details and updates.

Source: Ronen Rubinstein on Instagram