A New Glimpse at Barry Keoghan's Joker Prompts Online Debates

Image credit: Legion-Media

We saw Barry Keoghan's Joker for the first time when 'The Batman' creators released the deleted scene where he and Batman had a small chat. Now we get to see more.

Por Toys studio has released the first look at the custom figure of Joker portrayed by Barry Keoghan. Now that's no children's toy!

Keoghan's Joker is perhaps one of the most realistic takes on Batman's archenemy, with the lower half of his face looking completely disfigured by chemicals. This Joker portrayal has prompted polar opposite reactions among the fans; while some appreciate the realism, others are still siding with less scary Jokers.

On the other hand, you literally cannot fall into chemicals and still look "grounded".

Would be boring if new actors brought nothing fresh to the character, though.

Even though Barry Keoghan's Joker still has a vague future, as no 'The Batman' sequels have been announced, it seems that his character at least has fans intrigued. Keoghan himself also can't hold back his excitement, frequently taking to social media to rant about Joker and his experience portraying the famous villain.

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