Absurd Reason Stranger Things Decided to Get Rid of The Byers' Dog

Absurd Reason Stranger Things Decided to Get Rid of The Byers' Dog
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Everyone should learn it by now: don't you dare touch the dog.

The special bond audiences have with animals has been a constant in the entertainment industry. If there's one thing audiences never want to see on screen, it's animals suffering.

This is especially true for dogs, with which the heroes of TV shows, movies, and video games often develop a tender relationship, just as they do in real life.

To avoid traumatic situations, fandoms have created entire websites, subreddits, and bots that tell you if the dog is still alive and if you can pet it.

You would think that directors and producers would learn their lesson, but the media continues to disappoint fans.

One of the TV shows that has failed the "dog friendly" test, unfortunately for fans, is Stranger Things.

You may remember that the Byers family had a dog, Chester, who was present throughout the first season, only to disappear later without explanation.

Fans immediately noticed that the dog was missing, but were forced to stay in the dark about his fate until the Stranger Con Chicago panel.

There, Noah Schnapp confirmed that Chester had officially died.

It didn't really make sense for the story, so fans assumed that Chester's death was related to his co-star David Harbour, who had to share some scenes with the dog.

During the promo, Harbour was very vocal about the hardships of working with an animal on set.

"Take after take it would wander off or do something. And then I remember the trainer on the sidelines going, 'Come on! We got to make our money!' Yeah, I walked up to them, and I was like, 'You know, the Byers should probably have that dog put to sleep next season,'" the actor shared on the YouTube series Hot Ones.

As unfortunate as it is that the two could not find common ground, writing off the dog was the easiest solution.

If you're feeling like giving Stranger Things season 1 a rewatch while waiting for season 5 to premiere, you can stream it on Netflix.

Source: Hot Ones