According to Letterboxd, These 10 Directors Never Made a Bad Movie

According to Letterboxd, These 10 Directors Never Made a Bad Movie
Image credit: Legion-Media

In the movie world, where even the greatest directors usually have a flop or two hiding in their filmography, there's a rare breed that, according to Letterboxd, hasn't missed a beat.

These ten directors, somehow, have dodged the career-staining 'bad movie' bullet.

It's like they've got a golden touch; everything they roll out turns into cinematic gold – no duds, no 'what were they thinking?' moments.

Isn't it actually amazing, if you think about it? A track record so clean, it makes you wonder if they've made a deal with the movie gods. Each project they've been working on seems to charm audiences and critics alike, creating a streak of successes that's as impressive as finding a needle in a haystack on the very first try.

Their secret? Maybe it's meticulous script selection, maybe a knack for storytelling that hits the mark every time, or perhaps just good old-fashioned luck. Whatever it is, these directors have managed to navigate the treacherous waters of the film industry without capsizing once.

Their filmography stands as a testament to consistent quality over quantity, a rare feat in Hollywood, where even the brightest, can't-do-no-wrong film industry stars can fizzle out with just one wrong move.