Adam Sandler’s New Space Movie Hits Netflix in March

Adam Sandler’s New Space Movie Hits Netflix in March
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The two genius actors worked together in a Johan Renck’s movie and shared some details about the new inventive sci-fi drama.


  • Spaceman is a film in which Adam Sandler played an astronaut on a difficult mission meeting an alien voiced by Paul Dano.
  • The actors promise we’ll see them in a completely different kind of movie.

Cinephiles are about to face their favorites of the last few years, Adam Sandler and Paul Dano, in quite new roles for them in Swedish director Johan Renck’s feature Spaceman.

It is a movie adaptation of Jaroslav Kalfař's 2017 science fiction novel Spaceman of Bohemia, telling the story of Jakub (played by Sandler), an astronaut who ventures into space in a mission of collecting material from an ominous space cloud.

He encounters a spider-looking alien Hanuš (voiced by Dano) and makes contact with it, which breaks his eight-month lonely odyssey.

In addition, not having solved the problems of both his past, present and future issues on Earth, where he left his wife Lenka (played by Carey Mulligan), he gradually loses connection with reality and his mind, letting Hanuš control it and speak as his own inner voice.

While Adam Sandler’s work took place in an artificial spaceship made on the set, Paul Dano mostly played his voice part in a recording booth. The actors joke about the (im)possibility of playing their roles at the same time on set.

“When Paul showed up in the spider suit, <...> I was like, "This guy's committed to it," Sandler laughed about it.

Adam Sandler’s role in Spacemen will be the next dramatic one after brothers Safdie’s Uncut Gems, where his acting was literally brilliant and gained lots of critics’ and viewers’ praise, including Paul Dano calling Sandler’s drama performances “real.”

However, the latter actor calls Spacemen “definitely a new vibe,” preparing us to an even higher level of acting, combining it with the voice play and talent of Dano.

Spaceman is the second film from Renck, who is better known for his work in television, including the streaming hit Chernobyl (2019).

His new movie, shot at the end of the pandemic despite all the unpleasant obstacles, focuses mostly on loneliness and loss of inner harmony.

He says they even hanged Sandler on a crane so he “was definitely all alone there” to convey the feeling and the atmosphere of being lost with yourselves.

Watch how Adam Sandler handles his loneliness in space on Netflix starting March 1.

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