After 46 Nominations, 'Better Call Saul' Lost Its Chance to Get an Emmy – Once Again

After 46 Nominations, 'Better Call Saul' Lost Its Chance to Get an Emmy – Once Again
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The 'Breaking Bad' prequel has been hailed by fans as "the best TV show" in existence, but nearly 50 Emmy nominations never resulted in a single victory.

On Monday, the Emmy award ceremony sealed the fate of 'Better Call Saul ', rendering the show Emmy-less after it was nominated for a prize 46 times over the past 6 years.

'Better Call Saul' has notably had few haters, with people applauding every new episode and anointing the show as "the best of the best". It looked like critics agreed, but the 'Breaking Bad ' prequel failed to secure an Emmy victory year after year.

For many fans, the final loss of the show highlights the lack of Emmy's integrity, as people are already rallying online and demanding justice for their favorite show. But it might not necessarily be about some kind of a devious plot.

Reddit user CanadianErk broke down several reasons for what happened. First of all, it's about the growing competition – with the number of TV shows increasing every year, it's not like 'Better Call Saul' was the only decent and award-worthy series on the Emmy list. However, it is a long-running show that has already secured a number of other awards, which is why, according to the Redditor, Emmy voters "could see it as already getting its due".

Over its six-year-long run, 'Better Call Saul' has positioned itself as a show that was starkly different from 'Breaking Bad' – and that, according to some fans, could also have impacted the Emmy voters.

"What does the ratio of Emmy wins to Emmy nominations have to do with integrity or validity? I love Better Call Saul (top 20 all time for me and that's a stacked list of greats), but it's a slow show that requires a lot from its viewers. Breaking Bad was an adrenaline rush. BCS is not that. It's practically the opposite of its predecessor and the fact its quality is nearly on the same level is truly impressive." – /dmick74

Last but not least, heavy competition in the form of 'Stranger Things ', 'Euphoria ', 'Succession ' (the show that ended up landing this year's award in Best Drama Series), 'Squid Game ', 'Severance ', 'Ozark', and 'Yellowjackets ' has also had its impact on the vote.

'Better Call Saul' could still compete for an Emmy next year, but fans are already concerned it will have to face off 'House of the Dragon ' – a 'Game of Thrones ' spinoff that will likely snatch the award because of how "the Emmys will always choose Game of Thrones because they think/know the more popular show will get them more viewers and mentions", according to Reddit user GenericAustin.

In 2022, 'Better Call Saul' received nominations for Best Drama Series, Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, Outstanding Music Supervision, Outstanding Sound Editing and Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour), and Outstanding Writing.