After 8 Years, the 91%-Rated Rom-Com That Killed Our Hope in Soulmates Still Hurts

After 8 Years, the 91%-Rated Rom-Com That Killed Our Hope in Soulmates Still Hurts
Image credit: Lionsgate

The love/hate relationship with this movie is just amazing.

Have you ever left the theater with a strong sense of dissatisfaction because the creators of the movie promised you one thing, but you ended up with something different instead? Well, it seems like the viewers of a major 2016 hit movie know exactly what we are talking about.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are one of the most highly praised actors in Hollywood, so when the opportunity presented itself for us to witness them together in a romantic comedy slash musical, we believe everybody rushed to the cinema to watch La-La-Land after it hit the big screens.

The movie was a huge success: the strong performances the actors gave impressed all the viewers and the story was so captivating that people kept coming back to see it one more time (again and again).

With a budget of $30 million, the movie grossed a total of $447 million worldwide, ending up as a huge commercial success. The songs climbed all the chart’s tops and City of Stars became the anthem of love-seekers. But there was something that was still itching in the souls of the viewers after they watched the movie…

It turns out that the story was not what they had hoped for. They were promised a romantic comedy, but instead got separated love interests in the finale of the movie. And yes, some would say that it was not a romantic comedy per se, but rather a self-discovery drama. But why, even after many rewatches, fans still find it hard to believe them?

“I don’t mind a bittersweet ending but I feel like they weren’t completely at peace with the choices they made which was highlighted by the fake out. I didn’t come away with a grand look at how they chose to “love themselves” feeling. It just felt like a movie about two idiots who could have had it all, but didn’t because they made everything over complicated,” Redditor AsgardianLeviOsa said.

If you have a hard time forming your own opinion on that, maybe it’s time to binge La-La-Land on Netflix or Prime again?

Do you wish Sebastian and Mia stayed together?