Ahead of Premiere, Guy Ritchie's New Cavill-Led War Action Gets First Reviews

Ahead of Premiere, Guy Ritchie's New Cavill-Led War Action Gets First Reviews
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Henry Cavill’s new almost-Bond WWII outing gets a strong Rotten Tomatoes debut.


  • Guy Ritchie ’s The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare premieres on April 19.
  • The movie follows a group of Black Ops soldiers on a secret mission to undermine the Nazis from behind the enemy lines.
  • Ahead of its premiere, The Ministry already shows a strong start on Rotten Tomatoes with a 78% Critic Score.

For the past… Let’s just say, many years, few fan ideas have been as popular as “make Henry Cavill the new James Bond. ” Sadly, this desire that we wholeheartedly support will seemingly never come to fruition — but do not despair. The good news is that Henry Cavill’s very next movie that premieres on April 19 has him portraying the iconic Agent 007’s real-life prototype, and the early reviews are coming in hot!

The Ministry Starts Off Strong on Rotten Tomatoes

This Friday, Guy Ritchie’s new comedy war action The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare hits the theaters. No mere mortals have yet watched the movie, but as usual, some critics have already had the pleasure to do so — and as usual, Rotten Tomatoes did its best to document their impressions and reviews for the movie.

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The Ministry’s critical debut is strong: at the time of writing, Henry Cavill’s new upcoming action outing boasts a 78% Tomatometer score. On IMDb, it’s also performing confidently with a 7.1/10 score, and most critic reviews agree that, while without any special depth, the movie is fun, action-packed, and engaging… In other words, it’s classic Guy Ritchie doing what we love him for.

“A slightly apocryphal historical remix, [The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare] is Ritchie’s best film in a long time. It can’t claim to reinvent the wheel, as the director is still pretty comfortable in sticking with what works,” Inverse’s Lyvie Scott wrote.

The Ministry Fulfills Cavill’s Bond Dream

Throughout his rich career, Henry Cavill has played a spy quite a few times, but the most coveted role — that of James Bond — always eluded him. According to rumors, he’s unlikely to take over after Daniel Craig, but Guy Ritchie’s upcoming action flick fulfills Cavill’s fans’ Agent 007 dreams for the actor to some extent.

In The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, Henry Cavill plays Gus March-Phillipps — a real-life soldier who, believe it or not, was the prototype for James Bond thanks to his acquaintance with Ian Flemming, the creator of Agent 007 who served with him. Not exactly “shaken, not stirred,” but we’re taking those!

Source: Inverse