AI Imagined Guy Ritchie's Star Wars, And Seems Like It Would Be Cinema Gold

AI Imagined Guy Ritchie's Star Wars, And Seems Like It Would Be Cinema Gold
Image credit: Legion-Media/Yellow Medusa

What if Guy Ritchie directed Star Wars? AI has the answer.

Have you watched the latest movies directed by Guy Ritchie, the mastermind behind films like Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels? While The Covenant and Operation Fortune are great movies, don't you think that Ritchie's talent deserves a better shot?

What if Guy Ritchie was offered to direct a reboot of an iconic franchise, let's say Star Wars? Hard to imagine, right? Well thanks to AI, we can do more than just imagine.

A YouTube channel Yellow Medusa used AI to reimagine George Lucas's Star Wars as if it was directed by Guy Ritchie.

The video begins with Luke Skywalker, our Jedi hero, introducing himself in a way that's more East End than Tatooine. He's still the farm boy turned Jedi, but with a touch more grit and a lot more sarcasm. His father, Darth Vader, is not just the Dark Lord of the Sith, but "the biggest badass in the Galaxy".

Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Obi, is still the wise mentor, but his teachings about the Force sound more like boxing advice from a seasoned coach. The Force, according to this version of Luke, is "like a right hook from the universe".

Princess Leia, the "biggest thief in the Galaxy", is as fiery as ever, but with a twist of awkwardness after that infamous kiss with Luke. Han Solo, the "best pilot with a passion for casinos", and his mate Chewbacca, a "beast in bare knuckle fights", add to the motley crew of characters.

And then there's the "dark Puppeteer", the Emperor, who "pulls the strings of the Empire and does whatever the f**k he wants". Luke's final words: "And when I'm done with my papa, I'm coming for his senile ass. And May the force be with me."

It would be a Star Wars movie like no other. The characters would still be the ones we know and love, but now with this street-smart savvy that's pure Guy Ritchie. The dialogue would be sharper, the action more intense, and the humor darker.

And of course, there would be twists. Lots of them. Ritchie's films are known for their complex plots and unexpected turns, and we could expect the same from his version of Star Wars.

Do you think Guy Ritchie could actually nail a Star Wars movie?