AI Imagines Harry Potter as Crime Series, And It's Still Better Than HBO Reboot

AI Imagines Harry Potter as Crime Series, And It's Still Better Than HBO Reboot
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The boy who lived, now moved to another continent, thanks to AI.

With the advent and spread of AI tools, fans of various shows, books and movies could not pass it by.

The ability to imagine and visualize favorite characters in countless situations far from the canon left no one indifferent and also gave a lot of ideas for further adaptations.

Some of these ideas make fans even more enthusiastic than actual spinoff and reboot projects in the making.

One of the Reddit users shared his idea on r/Midjourney and attached some AI-generated images that could easily become promotional posters for a new HBO series.

Imagine a Harry Potter reboot, but instead of doing everything exactly the same way, our favorite wizards move to Miami to cause (or prevent) chaos among Muggles.

Besides the amazing aesthetics, fans can already see the great cast behind these characters. Timothee Chálamet may be cast as Harry "Hal" Potter, P.I., who's ready to serve justice for the city.

The new Hagrid looks suspiciously like Steven Seagal, but for the mixed-race Afro-Cuban Hermione, there was no one in particular that fans had in mind.

Draco Malfoy's actor is the opposite: while some refuse to see anyone but Tom Felton take on the role, others suggest unexpected options, like Macklemore.

Harry Potter as a Miami Crime Series
by u/gogurt_god in midjourney

Not exactly the guy you'd picture in the Harry Potter universe, huh? But that's the beauty of AI.

Unfortunately for Miami Vice fans, the chances of seeing this idea come to life are very slim.

However, many believe that HBO, known for its explicit series and young adult dramas, could still surprise fans with its adaptation of the iconic franchise.

Not many specific details have been revealed yet, but each season will cover the events of one book from the franchise, and no movie actors will be returning to their respective roles.

If you are interested in watching the Harry Potter reboot on HBO, keep up with the latest news to not miss any casting updates and production news.