Alfonso Cuarón Praised 'The Northman': "You Will Feel Like You Are Actually with the Vikings"

Image credit: Legion-Media

Robert Eggers became one of the most prominent directors of his generation almost instantly. His directorial debut 'The Witch' was highly acclaimed by critics, and his next project, 'The Lighthouse', was so unique that critics were just beside themselves.

After such a universal acclaim of his works Eggers must have been under a lot of pressure choosing his next project. Probably because of this the director decided to take on a very ambitious project. The shooting of his third film, 'The Northman', has already been compared to the cult classic 'Apocalypse Now'.

And it seems Eggers once again handled his job brilliantly despite all the pressure of high expectations. The 'Gravity' director Alfonso Cuarón, who has been Eggers' fan since reading the 'The Witch' screenplay, loved 'The Northman' so much that he just can't stop praising it.

"Every single frame is charged with all the thematic elements of the whole film. I have to say, it is very complex, it is very complicated what he does," Cuarón told New Yorker.

Cuarón is so blown away by 'The Northman' that he claims every film viewr will feel like they are actually in Iceland with the vikings.

'The Northman' will hit theaters on April 22.

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