All 22 Animated Movies That Won an Oscar, Ranked

All 22 Animated Movies That Won an Oscar, Ranked
Image credit: Legion-Media

From the moment the first Oscar for Best Animated Feature was handed out, it's been a wild ride through a landscape filled with talking animals, fantastical worlds, and stories that can turn even the most serious adult back into a wide-eyed kid.

This ranking of every Oscar-winning animated film so far is like a trip down memory lane, but instead of just replaying the old classics, it's a journey that celebrates the evolution of animation, showing how it's grown from simple drawings to complex, heart-tugging masterpieces.

Each of these films didn't just win an Oscar; they captured audiences' hearts and imaginations, proving that animation isn't just for kids – it's a powerful form of storytelling that can explore deep themes and breathtaking worlds with the kind of creativity that live-action films can only dream of.

As we rank these movies, it's not just about which one had the coolest graphics or the funniest characters.

It's about the stories they told, the boundaries they pushed, and the way they left a mark not just on the world of animation, but on movie history itself, showing that sometimes the most impactful stories come not from real actors on a screen, but from the limitless world of animation.