Allison's Perfect Ending Soon to be Destroyed by Upcoming Teen Wolf Movie

Allison's Perfect Ending Soon to be Destroyed by Upcoming Teen Wolf Movie
Image credit: MTV

As Teen Wolf: The Movie approaches, fans can't stop thinking about how the revival could ruin their beloved show. The main concern seems to be the return of Crystal Reed's character, which was teased in the movie's trailer.

Allison Argent had a well-planned arc that ended on a tragic but beautiful note. In Season 3, she sacrificed herself to save her friends in the battle between Scott McCall's pack and the Oni. Now, fans feel that this fitting ending may be cheapened by the character's resurrection.

"I feel her character arc was the most cohesive so her being revived is a surprise," a fan wrote.

Fans seem uncomfortable with the idea that Allison's return from the dead could repeat many of the death-fake-out tropes shown previously in the Teen Wolf universe.

"There's literally zero reason to assume that the 185th unnecessary resurrection in this universe is gonna be the first one that's genuinely justified and well-written," one of the TWU fans stated.

At this point, there seems to be no way that the writers won't repeat their old mistake of undoing a tragic death/near-death by simply canceling it or resurrecting a character. It may have felt like a relief at first. But repeating the same trope over and over has actually changed the emotional response of the fans. Now they are downright annoyed. In that context, resurrecting Allison feels like a bad idea.

"Allison was literally the only main cast permanent death in the entire series, and now even that's been reversed," the fan explained.

In fact, fans even created a poll on Reddit to find out how many of them think of Allison's ending as perfect and are worried that it will be ruined by the movie. Turns out, the majority (62%) agree that Allison's return will take the dignity out of her tragic yet beautiful death.

However, many said that it was too early to judge since they hadn't seen the movie yet. They believe that a brilliantly written story could actually save Allison's arc. But even they agree that resurrection is not an option.

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"I feel a better way of doing it rather than outright reviving would be to make her death somehow relevant to the plot," one of the fans pitched their idea.

Will the writers undo Allison's perfect conclusion or save it? Teen Wolf: The Movie premiering next Thursday on Paramount+ will show.