Already Miss Constellation? Apple TV+ Has 2 MindBending SciFi Shows Coming Next

Already Miss Constellation? Apple TV+ Has 2 MindBending SciFi Shows Coming Next
Image credit: Apple TV+

Think you're a connoisseur of the genre? You won't want to miss these.


  • Constellation (2024) was AppleTV+'s surprise hit of 2024, and fans are already missing the scifi series.
  • AppleTV+ has answered the call with two brand new scifi shows.
  • They will be available to stream very soon.

Take a compelling story, a talented ensemble cast, and relatable themes despite the scifi focus, and you have drama gold. That is exactly how Constellation was greeted by audiences when it landed on Apple TV in February 2024.

Created by industry legend Peter Harness, who also wrote several episodes of the ultimate scifi series Doctor Who, the show, starring Noomi Rapace, follows a Swedish astronaut who returns from a mission after a mysterious accident in orbit to find that her life is not as she remembered it. Now she must uncover the truth about her life and what really happened to her while she was in space.

Fans and critics alike loved the show, and it felt like it ended all too soon. Luckily, AppleTV+ has two more aces up its sleeve to satisfy our scifi cravings.

Sugar (2024)

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Premiere date: 5 April 2024

Sugar follows Los Angelesbased private investigator John Sugar as he solves mysteries with a supernatural twist. Created by Mark Protosevich, it promises to be something very special.

Don't be fooled by the fact that this is Protosevich's first foray into television: he comes armed with experience in the world of scifi adventure, with projects such as Thor (2011), I Am Legend (2007) and The Cell (2000). But it gets better. The brilliant Irish actor Colin Farrell stars in the title role. With such talent joining forces, Sugar is a show you don't want to miss.

Dark Matter (2024)

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Premiere date: 8 May 2024

Not to be confused with the 2015 series of the same name, this is a fresh, exciting and entirely new story.

Based on the bestselling book by Blake Crouch, it features a cast so amazing it has to be seen to be believed. Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly, Alice Braga and many more have come together to bring this powerful and sometimes terrifying story to life.

A Chicago physicist is drawn into an alternate universe where he can see a different version of his own life. But scientific curiosity soon gives way to terror when he realises that he must somehow find his way back to his own reality before those he loves are lost forever. Edgerton's impressive resume of brilliant and sometimes dark characters makes him the perfect choice to play both the heroic physicist and the evil double who wants to harm his family. Keep an eye out for this one.

Other SciFi to Expect from AppleTV+ in 2024

Get ready scifi fans, AppleTV+ is not done yet. They have also announced the following coming in 2024:

  • Neuromancer ( new drama based on William Gibson's award winning novel)
  • The Big Door Prize Season Two
  • Silo Season Two
  • Severance Season Two
  • Hello Tomorrow Season Two

While AppleTV+ is being conservative with release dates, they have confirmed that we can expect four of the above to land sometime in 2024. Watch this space for more updates as they become available. The only wild card is Neuromancer, which may not arrive until 2025. But stranger things have happened than a show dropping earlier than expected, so keep your eyes open.