‘And Just Like That 2’: Should Che Diaz Get Kicked Out? 

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Che Diaz, portrayed by transgender actor Sara Ramirez, has become perhaps the most polarizing character on ‘And Just Like That’, the sequel of ‘Sex in the Big City’.

With ‘And Just Like That’ being recently greenlighted for another season, everyone is curious about what could change about the cast… and about one certain character in particular.

Sara Ramirez’ Che Diaz, who became Miranda’s love interest in the new series, has caused ire among the fans. In the end of season 1, Che decamped to Los Angeles to shoot a TV pilot, and now it seems that people would rather her stay there, out of the story.

Because, when asked about whether Che should return to the show, many fans respond with something like…

Many people, however, argued that Ramirez’ character has contributed to the show’s representation, and those slamming Che Diaz might be doing it just out of transphobia. Among such people is Ramirez themselves, Che is “a character who is a human being, who is imperfect, who’s complex, who is not here to be liked, who’s not here for anybody’s approval. They’re here to be themselves.”

Not everyone agrees, though.

According to TVLine’s poll, the majority of the fans do not want Che Diaz back in the show - 67 percent of people voted "no", and only 25 percent would not mind to see the character once again.

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