Andor Committing Murder in Episode 1 Has Fans Divided

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More mature Star Wars shows prompt more difficult questions.

The very first episode of Andor starts with the main character entering a brothel and then committing a murder of two police officers — which is, let's be honest, not the most common way to kick off your Disney Plus Star Wars shows.

Andor's deed is indisputably questionable, with fans arguing whether it is even okay to start the protagonist's journey by having him killing two people, one of whom was on his knees and surrendering.

According to some people, Andor killing the officers in cold blood is something that generally falls in line with the character. But others say that Andor's later murders had valid reasoning, whilst the one from the first episode of the eponymous show did not.

"I'm not mad but to be fair. He did kill 1 of them in cold blood who was surrendering and on his knees. In Rogue One he killed the informant who was freaking out and causing a scene who would've given away Rebellion info if caught." – @Kairos_Creative

Some people clash with those who believe that it was okay for Andor to kill the two because they were police officers taking issue with him. According to Twitter user NerdPerson5, the officers "could have left Cassian alone and spent another hour in the brothel and nobody would have got hurt but they choose to bully Cassian and they paid the price for it when the unpleasant situation could have been avoided".

There is also an opinion that people should not analyze the show as deeply as they do, given that it is "a kids' show", but a lot of fans beg to differ, citing Andor's more mature world and its grimmer tone. Still, many people think that the maturity and a compelling tone is just enough to not scrutinize the writing too much.

"Bro all the other live-action shows were almost garbage, with almost no plot or meaningful dialogue, now we finally have a good show with a consistent tone and world building and people are still complaining?" – @miskatagalin

The first three episodes of Andor premiered on September 21 on Disney Plus, immediately inflicting a wave of accolades from critics and fans who were surprised to see something completely different in the Star Wars universe. Unlike other Disney Plus Star Wars shows, Andor does not seem to shy away from brothels, murders, and even swear words — something that also has people divided, even though the majority seems to enjoy it as a breath of fresh air.

New episodes will arrive on Disney Plus on Wednesdays through late November.

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