Animated 'Morbius' Movie Poster Leaves Fans Thinking It's Better Than The Actual Movie

Image credit: Legion-Media

Morbius’ starring Jared Leto is set to be the third film in Sony’s Spider-Man universe. The movie revolves around doctor Michael Morbius who becomes a vampire trying to get a cure from a rare blood disease.

A new animated ‘Morbius’ poster might really scare you if you’re unprepared. The video with the poster was shared on social media and impressed even those who were not really excited about the movie.

Looks like a standard film billboard, right? Wait for it.

Scary, huh? Some people said the poster happens to be even better than the movie it's promoting.

However, not everyone on Twitter can be scared that easily.

Still, there are always different circumstances. Imagine you've stumbled upon it at night. Or…

‘Morbius’ will hit the US screens on April 1 after premiering in Mexico on March 10. The movie has been postponed for several times due to coronavirus pandemic; initially, the release was planned for 2020.

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