Anthony Mackie Listens To 2Pac To Prepare For 'Captain America 4'

Image credit: Legion-Media

Anthony Mackie is preparing to switch his Falcon role for something much more juicy – first ever black Captain America. The actor is set to lead in upcoming 'Captain America 4', and has something very unusual to help him prepare for this serious part.

Talking to Variety, Mackie revealed his unusual habit of choosing songs that embody his character and listening to them repeatedly. In case of Cap the song was indeed pretty unusual – diss track 'Hit Em Up' by legendary west coast rapper Tupac Shakur. The actor famously portrayed the musician in 2009 'Notorious'.

"Every role I play I pick a song to represent that character... I can't say [what my Captain America 4 song is] on camera but it's a Tupac song… and it st a rts off 'First off, dot dot dot dot dot dot...".

The next chapter in Captain America story will unfold quite differently – Mackie's hero is not a super-soldier, but just a guy "with wings and a shield, but he is a guy", as Marvel producer Nate Moore puts it. It will be interesting to see how Falcon adapts to his new role, but, considering the whole 2Pac business, he will certainly be ready to prove haters wrong.

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