Antony Starr Is Rumored To Play MCU's Dracula, But Is It Actually True?

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It looks like the 'The Boys' actor is finally getting the recognition he deserves, with some sources claiming he will be joining the MCU in the near future.

Before his appearance on the Amazon Prime's adult superhero series, Antony Starr was known as a character actor, doing a great job as the tough guy. Homelander changed all that – this role proved that Starr has incredible range, and that his physical and facial acting is great. Needless to say, Hollywood took notice, trying to land the Australian actor in several blockbusters. And it looks like Kevin Feige got to Starr first, as per a major leak posted on Reddit the actor is rumored to play Count Dracula in the upcoming 'Blade' movie.

But will it actually happen? Of course, Starr is incredibly popular right now, thanks to the well-received third season of 'The Boys', so it's only natural that he will be starring in a Marvel movie right now. But some people don't believe the scoop, as one prominent journalist debunked it with the fact of Starr's schedule conflicts.

"Can easily debunk this list by saying one thing: Antony Starr will begin filming The Boys Season 4 at the exact time Blade begins filming." – @JacobFisherDF.

So yeah, it looks like Starr won't be joining the MCU in the near future after all, unless his role as Dracula will be secondary in the film and the villain will be set up like Thanos was in 'Avengers' (2012).

"Dracula can easily be long term villain for Blade though. I would hope Marvel doesn’t one and done then prince of darkness!" – /ChrisPowell_91.

Some are even glad Starr won't appear in the film after, citing another Marvel villain that Starr could get his teeth into – namely Doctor Doom; fans feel like 'The Boys' star deserves to play someone with a major villainous arc, stretched across multiple Marvel films.

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