Anya Taylor-Joy’s Horror Favorite Is a 90s Cult Classic With Brad Pitt

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Horror Favorite Is a 90s Cult Classic With Brad Pitt
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And she seems to find comfort in the genre not only on the screen, but also at home.


  • Anya Taylor-Joy has swept the audience away with her unexpected role in Dune: Part 2, but the actress herself doesn’t seem to be into epic blockbusters — neither professionally, nor personally.
  • In one of her interviews the actress admitted that she is a big fan of Brad Pitt’s famous gothic drama from the 1990s.
  • Taylor-Joy also added that she gets her makeup inspiration from the film.

Anya Taylor-Joy may have caused her fans’ overflowing excitement by her surprising appearance in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part 2, but her real acting talent — and personal preference — seems to belong to some other genre rather than an epic blockbuster.

Not at all a newcomer in the cinema world, Taylor-Joy blew everyone away with her impeccable performance in The Queen’s Gambit back in 2020, but most of her filmography points out to her especial interest in horror movies — let’s take her acting debut Witch, the science fiction movie Morgan, the superhero story The New Mutants and surely the psychological film Last Night in Soho as the most striking examples.

As it turns out, the actress is quite a big fan of the genre and even has some favorite horror movies on her watchlist. In one of her interviews from a couple of years ago Taylor-Joy revealed that she constantly rewatches 1994’s gothic drama Interview with the Vampire — an already classic, but poorly rated film that stars Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

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On top of that, Anya Taylor-Joy, to everyone’s surprise, draws her makeup inspiration from the movie.

As she pointed out, “the manicures on Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are just out of this world”, and the film’s aesthetic encourages her to get full-glam ready with “long, straight blonde hair and dark purple lips” as soon as it gets dark outside.

The actress’s revelations seem to be a huge compliment for Interview with the Vampire’s leading actors and makeup artists as well.

Though the film ended up with just 63% on Rotten Tomatoes, it nonetheless got to be a real cult film thus becoming the famous novel’s best adaptation so far.

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