Are Joe Keery and Joseph Quinn friends in real life?

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The eccentric yet sympathetic metalhead Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn in the fourth season of 'Stranger Things', which was released in two parts earlier this year, was a competitor to Joe Keery's Steve Harrington.

Despite their rough beginnings, Steve and Eddie ended up being friends in season 4. Joe Keery and Joseph Quinn used to frequently had out together during the breaks and were regularly snapped together by the paparazzi.

Earlier this year, in an interview Joe Kerry underscored his unique bond and fondness for Joseph Quinn and said that they had a blast during the shoot of Stranger Things. The American-born actor further added that the relationship would last a lifetime as him and Quinn had a lot in common.

Keery further added that he was quite bummed when the writers decided to kill Quinn's character Eddie Munson in this season's finale. He said that it would have been nice had Munson survived as they would have gotten the chance to share the screen for another season.

" We spent a lot of time together, obviously, when we were shooting - and especially because it was during the pandemic, for the most part. So that's a bond that will be there for life, for sure," Keery told UNILAD.

'Stranger Things' writers, Duffer brothers have garnered a reputation to churn out characters that quickly become fan favorites. The writer duo certainly did not let the fans down with the fourth installment of the series. They introduced Eddie Munson this time who in no time became the highlight of the fourth season of 'Stranger Things'.

Moreover, Joseph Quinn also did complete justice to his character and was quick to get in the skin of Eddie. Joe Keery recently in an interview admired the craft of Joseph Quinn and said that they developed a special bond during the filming of Netflix's acclaimed TV show Stranger Things.

Although Eddie Munson passed away in the finale of season 4, fans are still holding out hope that Joseph Quinn will return triumphantly for the fifth and final season.

Not only would the audience be delighted to see Joseph Quinn reprising his role as Eddie Munson, but Keery would also be pleased to collaborate with his dear friend again on new episodes.

Fans of the show were genuinely surprised when they got to know that their favorite on-screen actors shared the same comradery off-screen too. Although most of the fans like us would like to know what sort of hair-care advice they are giving to each other. However, we will always remember the selfless heroics of Eddie Munson who gave his life to buy some more time for his friends and save them from Vecna.

While both actors said that they'll miss their time together on set and look forward to the next project in which they can share the screen (which surely fans are looking forward to as well), for now, they'll have to continue their friendship off-screen.

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