Are Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Actually Engaged?

Are Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Actually Engaged?
Image credit: Legion-Media

You don't immediately believe what you see in music videos… or do you?

A$AP Rocky rolled out his directorial debut on Friday – a music video for his banger 'D.M.B.', and certain scenes from the video have led fans to think that the rapper and his girlfriend Rihanna are engaged now.

In what he dubbed a "ghetto love tale", A$AP proposes to Rihanna wearing grills, and, well, it looks like a very A$AP thing to do, so many fans decided that was his own way of revealing the big news.

However, the couple did not announce the reported new status anywhere but in the music video: no Instagram posts, no stories, and no official statements. So it might be a bit too soon to celebrate and imagine the wedding.

Did it stop the fans from speculating? Of course not. And it looks like that exactly was the purpose… well, aside from the fact that viral speculations and wild fan theories might also be a really good promotion for your music video.

The 'D.M.B.' press release said that the clip is featuring "true ride-or-die characters in a devoted relationship despite their circumstances." Indeed: the music video has shown four times when A$AP's character got arrested (kudos for realism, though), and Rihanna was always there to pick him up.

Despite the lack of any official statements regarding A$AP and Rihanna's future, fans just can't stop sharing the picture of the two being "engaged", with Ri rocking a total red wedding outfit and A$AP by her side, suited up.

But we certainly can congratulate the two on causing waves on Twitter once again.