Are 'Virgin River' Actors Dating in Real Life?

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Netflix's 'Virgin River' is the latest romantic comedy that has warmed hearts worldwide.

The 2019 show, which is still ongoing, is an adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by Robyn Carr. The story is a romantic comedy with all the bells and whistles – and so much more.

The headliners of the show are Melinda "Mel" Monroe (played by The Walking Dead actor Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan (played by Grey's Anatomy actor Martin Henderson). The story revolves around the two lovebirds and how they navigate through the challenges of their lives together.

The pairing was a match made in heaven. Fans showered the actors with praise for their amazing chemistry on screen. Their characters became beloved, and people were excited to see where they would end up next.

It's rare for a show to showcase such deep emotions in as exemplary a way as Virgin River has. There is a subtlety and nuance to everything in a way that is not commonly seen on television. When the sparks flew between them, you could almost tell there was something between them.

We're not just talking about Mel and Jack. We're talking about Alexandra and Martin. Their on-screen chemistry led to rumors of the pair dating run rampant on the internet. After all, they seemed to be doing more than just acting, right? Right?

Well, wrong, actually. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Alexandra and Martin are not together in real life. Each of them is on their own separate path.

Alexandra is married to Casey Cooper, who is Katy Perry's lead guitarist. The couple has two beautiful children, and they seem happy together. On the other hand, Martin has never been married and supposedly broke up with Aisha Mendez, a Mexican blogger and influencer.

So, unfortunately for many, the real-life Mel and Jack are not together. What they show on screen is just an example of stellar acting. They are just THAT good in their craft. But instead of feeling sad that our favorite couple is not together, we should rather commend them on their talent.

The series was renewed for the fifth season and has yet to end, so fans are still getting on board with the story. People are falling in love with the characters and are immersed in their stories.

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