Avengers Director Doesn't Share Steven Spielberg's Fear of AI

Avengers Director Doesn't Share Steven Spielberg's Fear of AI
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In two years or less, you'll be able to remake the Avengers the way you like thanks to AI.

For the past few years, AI technology has been all that humanity seems to be focused on and excited about.

The AI tools we already have allow us to create endless content based on what we love and make it exactly to our specifications.

Today, AI is mostly used to entertain our brains with images or short videos, but the technology is learning and the industry is growing daily, so it is only a matter of time before AI invades film production, music production, and video game production.

Many people are questioning the ethics behind AI tools that create new content by basically ripping off parts of something that someone else has already created.

Artistic rights are the main topic of discussion surrounding this. Whether or not there are policies in place, the progress of AI is too fast and too powerful to stop now.

While some huge directors like Steven Spielberg are afraid of AI, and feel like that path could lead the industry into "the twilight zone, " others are excited about the endless possibilities it could provide.

Joe Russo, an American filmmaker, and producer, has a very positive outlook on the technology and promises a very bright future.

He shared his thoughts on AI-generated media on a panel at the Sands International Film Festival in St. Andrews alongside Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard.

"You could walk into your house and save the AI on your streaming platform. "Hey, I want a movie starring my photoreal avatar and Marilyn Monroe's photoreal avatar. I want it to be a rom-com because I've had a rough day," and it renders a very competent story with dialogue that mimics your voice," he painted an awesome picture of potential AI usage in his speech.

What's even better for technology enthusiasts? Being involved in several AI tools himself, Joe Russo predicts that this will become possible much sooner than you'd think.

Give it another couple of years, and you'll be able to create and watch your own Avengers ending, or even remake the franchise as a whole.

While this technology is still in progress, you can stream the best of Russo's brother's Marvel films on Disney Plus.

Source: Collider