Barbie’s Best One-Liners Were Only There Thanks to Margot Robbie

Barbie’s Best One-Liners Were Only There Thanks to Margot Robbie
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Barbie could lose its famous lines in the battle between its creators and the executives.


  • Margot Robbie recalled the debate on the final dialogue happened between her and the companies’ managers on the Barbie set at the PGA breakfast
  • She succeeded in defending the joke which has become an Internet hit

Greta Gerwig's Barbie, the most hyped 2023 movie, that received a solid number of Academy Award nominations, was high-risk to be written and directed due to its socially sensitive theme and unique cinematic code.

Margot Robbie, its main star and producer, shared one of the most debatable moments of Barbie’s production during the annual Producers Guild of America breakfast.

Now we can’t even imagine this banger movie without its iconic ending with a funny dialogue when the two Kens say they are going to “beach each other off,” which went viral on social media even before Barbie’s release in theaters.

It turned out the final lines needed to be ardently defended in front of Mattel, a company owning the brand of the original fashion doll and allowing creators of the film to use it, and studio management to be kept in the movie and the credit for it goes to Margot Robbie herself.

“When they beach each other off, what does that mean?’ We were like, ‘What do you think that means?’ Or it could be something like ending the movie on the gynecologist line, which we were fighting for, for days before we picture-locked. That was still a fight. It was just picking the hills to die on, I suppose, but always having a conversation no matter what, and being in it together,” she said about that “battle” at the PGA.

Only such bold and talented female filmmakers as Gerwig and Robbie were capable of ending their movie with such a joke about the gynecologist.

Mattel and Warner Bros. bosses had clearly no right to censor their movie and to limit screenwriters’ sharp minds and the desire to make a brave profeminist statement, so that those lines not only stayed in the final version of the film, but were even featured in one of the trailers.

You can revise the material and re-watch the ending or the whole splendid hit movie with an HBO Max subscription. Also, try to guess whether and which Oscar awards will go to its producers, before the Academy announces their winners on March 10.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter