Behind the Scenes Drama: 10 Films Ruined by Studio Interference

Behind the Scenes Drama: 10 Films Ruined by Studio Interference
Image credit: Legion-Media

We often hear about movies that were destroyed by the higher-ups and their vision, their constant meddling that resulted in the original concept changing quite drastically.

Here's a list of the movies that met that fate.

When the studio and the movie production team have different visions, troubles ensue. The studio works as a wallet of sorts, and because of that believes that their word is the law and should be obeyed. Quite often the studio's vision of what should happen in a movie doesn't correlate with the filmmaker's concept at all.

In the best-case scenario, the studio and the filmmaker part ways in the early stages of a project, and the studio looks for a new team that would share their vision. But sometimes that's not an option, and people are forced to work together.

When the studio interferes in that type of production, it leads to major inconsistencies in the plot, ruined scheduling, changed mood, and overall creates a feeling of a half-baked product. For the most part, the studio tries to represent the masses and adds the changes because it believes they will lure more people into cinemas.

But that doesn't always work the way they want.