Blue Beetle Suit Was Just Revealed, And Here's What Reddit Has To Say

Image credit: Legion-Media

The upcoming DCEU movie is filming right now, and new BTS photos have finally given fans a glimpse of the superhero costume worn by Xolo Maridueña.

The film will center around Jaime Reyes, a teenager who comes into contact with an alien scarab that allows him to use a super-powered suit to fight bad guys. Of course, thanks to this synopsis, fans couldn't help but wonder what the suit would look like in live action, and whether it would be different from the one shown in the original comics. And now the long-awaited reveal has happened, and fans have something to say to the designers who worked on the costume. (See the photos over at JastJared)

In a thread on Reddit, fans didn't hesitate to praise the film's creative team, calling the costume wonderful and 100% canonical.

Other fans were quick to point out that the Blue Beetle costume is mostly practical, which is rare in modern blockbusters.

'Blue Beetle', directed by Angel Manuel Soto and starring Maridueña, Raul Max Trujillo, George Lopez and Susan Sarandon as lead villain Victoria Kord, has just entered production, and is expected to premiere on August 18, 2023.

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