Blue Bloods Fans Not Impressed With Frank's Disappearing Act in Season 13 Premiere

Blue Bloods Fans Not Impressed With Frank's Disappearing Act in Season 13 Premiere
Image credit: CBS

Blue Bloods fans were left scratching their heads in the Season 13 premiere episode, as Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck) went on an assignment with Archbishop Kearns without his cell phone. In the midst of this, his son Jamie was shot while on a domestic violence case.

This plot twist left many fans feeling that Frank's behavior was at odds with everything we understand about his character and what he values.

As the Commissioner of the New York City Police Department and the patriarch of a family of police officers, Frank is an important man in law enforcement who needs to be reachable at all times.

Many viewers of the show believe that it is out of character for Frank to go off the radar, especially with two kids and a grandson on the job, an elderly father, and his role as the single most sought after man in the city in the event of a terror attack.

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It's understandable that Blue Bloods writers wanted to create some suspense and tension in the episode, but this felt like a cheap trick to many fans, who argue that Frank would never abandon his family like that.

One Reddit fan commented, "Frank would never, NEVER, leave the house without some way to contact his family. This is just not believable." Another said, "I understand the need for dramatic plot twists, but this one just feels forced and out of character for Frank."

There was a lot of complaints about the Season 13 premiere plot device across social media platforms, with fans almost universally agreeing on the fact that, pursuing dramatic tension, the writers did Frank dirty.

"I think that the writers need to be more careful about how they handle important characters like Frank. His actions in the premiere episode felt out of character and it really bothered me," one of the show's fans added on Twitter.

Overall, it seems that many Blue Bloods fans are not impressed with Frank's disappearing act in the Season 13 premiere and hope that future episodes will stay true to the characters and their established personalities.