Bold & Beautiful Just Struck Gold With Its Best Storyline in Years

Bold & Beautiful Just Struck Gold With Its Best Storyline in Years
Image credit: CBS

Considering The Bold and the Beautiful's many flaws, this successful arc deserves to be mentioned and praised.

The glamorous soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful is currently airing a whopping 36th season, and even its critics have to admit that the storyline of the years-in-the-making friendship between Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes is pure gold.

Katherine Kelly Lang and Krista Allen's characters are certainly unique when it comes to soap operas.

Unlike other protagonists whose development could threaten the continuity of their respective shows, these two are allowed to mature and evolve.

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And watching them move forward is utterly fascinating for the viewers, who get the hope that no matter what or how many stupid choices they make in life, there is still opportunity for growth.

The show teaches that we can learn from our mistakes and become better people no matter what.

In addition, Lang and Allen have great on-screen chemistry. Watching the CBS show, it is impossible to miss the palpable emotional connection between their characters, which undoubtedly is a result of overcoming their former differences.

Fans can't help but enjoy Brooke and Taylor's hilarious dynamic definitely coming from the actresses having a blast with their roles.

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The only thing that needs to change, and that fans surely hope to see in future episodes is that, when Ridge is reintroduced, the two women get their freedom from the love triangle that has been going on for a couple dozen years and has become extremely boring and stale.

Brooke and Taylor certainly deserve new and separate love interests. Il Giardino Hollis may not be the perfect match for Brooke, but this kind of pairing feels fresh for her.

As for Taylor, many fans are rooting for her strange but exciting relationship with Bill. Though Brooke and Taylor's friendship arc has definitely become the highlight of the show, many viewers did not expect it to last.

When the two chose friendship over Ridge and the show committed to that development, it was certainly a surprise. And a very pleasant one at that.

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Hopefully, this twist marks a mature departure from the usual childish tropes of name-calling and cake fights. Fans are truly grateful that the show is treating these two amazing women the way they deserve to be treated, with love and respect.