Brendan Fraser Deserves an Oscar for 'The Whale', Fans Believe

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This is certainly the comeback of the year for the renowned Hollywood actor – and he is warmly welcomed by fans.

Brendan Fraser, who came back to the industry with 'The Whale', appears to have stolen the show at Venice Film Festival where his movie received a 6-minute standing ovation.

Fraser has returned after some truly tough times. After going through several surgeries as well as dealing with other health issues, the actor alleged in 2018 that he was sexually assaulted by Philip Berk, the then-president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The aftermath of the allegations, combined with a slew of personal problems such as divorce and his mother's death, has plunged Fraser into a depression, and his career declined.

His comeback with 'The Whale' – a story about an obese English teacher who desperately tries to bond with his estranged daughter (Sadie Sink) – was truly emotional. After receiving his ovation, Fraser broke down in tears.

Fans on social media could not watch it and not shed a tear themselves, watching how emotional, raw and sincere Fraser acted in that particular moment.

"For everything the movie industry put him through, he deserves everything good the world has to offer him. I'm so happy." – /smithkevin92

Many people are pushing Fraser for an Oscar for his performance in 'The Whale', admitting that the movie had them crying. Chances of the actor getting an Oscar nomination and an actual win are not exactly record-high, but it largely depends on the category he would be in.

"If it's Supporting, I feel like he's a lock. But the Austin Butler praise concerns me. I really want Brendan to win and I haven't even seen the movie yet. I just want to see him have his moment." - /ControlPrinciple

Some are already imagining the acceptance speech and how it might go viral should Fraser get nominated and win. But even if he doesn't, it seems that fans are simply happy for him to be back, hailing him as the "hero of our collective millennial youth".

Fraser is the star of the iconic movies of the Mummy trilogy, as well as 'Blast From The Past', 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth', 'Inkheart'. Most recently, one could see him in DC's 'Doom Patrol'.

The 95th Academy Awards race is on, and not just Brendan Fraser fans, but also industry heavyweights and experts already calling 'The Whale' one of the guaranteed the Oscars contenders, with Fraser's portrayal of a gay man grappling with life-threatening obesity receiving the highest praise from film critics.

'The Whale' is set for a theatrical release on December 9, 2022.

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