Brendan Fraser Leaves His New Show after S1 & It Gets Immediately Killed Off by the CW

Brendan Fraser Leaves His New Show after S1 & It Gets Immediately Killed Off by the CW
Image credit: The CW

The CW continues its onslaught of freshman shows and gets rid of Professionals right after The Mummy star Brendan Fraser leaves it; the show's trying to survive.

After taking out The Winchesters and Gotham Knights, the CW denies renewal for season 2 to another young show, Professionals, starring Brendan Fraser.

The action drama spin-off to Soldiers of Fortune is following Vincent Corbo, a professional security operative for hire who offers his services to the highest bidder.

The attention to the series was largely thanks to Brendan Fraser's part: in the first season, his character became Corbo's first client.

However, despite his grandiose recent comeback to the industry and newly won awards, Fraser was never supposed to return for the consequent seasons, co-creator Jeff Most says.

"We didn't intend to have his character return [in season 2] even though we adore Brendan and everything he brought to the first season," shared Most.

Now that Fraser is out of the game after S1's finale, the CW is getting rid of the show. However, the creators of Professionals are not ready to give up just yet.

According to Jeff Most's statement, the team is currently "shopping the second season of Professionals to other networks and streaming platforms."

Most and his crew have ambitious plans for the future of Professionals if they manage to find a new "home" for their series.

Apart from the current protagonist, Vincent Corbo, they plan on adding a new female co-lead — and shooting quite a few more seasons dedicated to various cases in the operative's career.

"We developed the show with the intent of having each season be a new season-long mission, which encompasses protecting different individuals and companies, with a few new cast members.

In addition to the core team, we also plan to return some of the supporting-lead characters who will appear in the new season storyline," explained the co-creator of Professionals.

At this point, we can only admire their persistence and wish the team good luck.

The previous shows the CW recently killed off didn't pull through: The Winchesters failed to find a new "home," and Gotham Knights admittedly haven't even tried to do that.

Source: TVLine