Bridgerton Backed Itself Into a Corner With Book Changes; Eloise and Philip Won't Make Sense Now

Bridgerton Backed Itself Into a Corner With Book Changes; Eloise and Philip Won't Make Sense Now
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Since Bridgerton's premiere at the end of 2020, the Netflix series has garnered massive popularity around the world, captivating audiences with stories of love and lust, dazzling costumery, and a glimpse into a Regency-era society.

The book-to-series adaptation is the work of award-winning producer Shonda Rhimes, who made changes to an already enthralling story that took it to the absolute next level.

In terms of changes, the Netflix series has diversified the characters in the Regency-era story, including the Sharma family who is of South Asian culture to ensure representation on the show.

There are other small adaptations made, characters added and characters removed, and these changes have been welcomed by audiences. However, one change may have been a step too far from the books and stands to derail an important storyline.

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The Bridgerton book titled To Sir Phillip, With Love, follows the love story of Eloise Bridgerton and Phillip Crane. After Phillip's brother dies in war, he marries his brother's fiancée Marina, as she is carrying his brother's children. Marina is never able to accept happiness into her life, despite having her children. Her and Phillip's marriage is polite but loveless and she ends up trying to take her life and does pass away shortly after her attempt.

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Eloise Bridgerton is a distant cousin of Marina and writes a letter to express her sympathy to Phillip. Despite never having met, the pair exchange countless letters, and eventually he asks her to be his wife.

The one big difference between the novels and the series is Marina. Marina has already been featured more in the series than she did in the books, making her an important part of the story. However, the complication that threatens to derail the storyline is her family relations. In the series Marina is related to the Featheringtons, allowing her to have a brief romance with Colin Bridgerton.

However, if Marina is not part of the Bridgerton family, then Eloise would have no reason to send her condolences to Phillip, and the pair would not make contact and never agree to marry. The Marina seen in the series is happy, unlike her character in the books, which leads fans to believe that her story in the series does not end with suicide.

If that is the case, then by living she stands in the way of Eloise and Phillip getting together. Perhaps Marina dies a different way? Some fans have even suggested that her husband may not be dead, or that there is someone new for her to fall for.

Is there a way for everyone to live happily ever after? Bridgerton has developed a reputation for feel-good love story endings. Fans will just have to wait and see if Marina's story has an alternative ending that affects how Eloise and Phillip's story begins, or if the Bridgerton writers and producers have dug themselves into a serious plot hole.