'Bridgerton' Fans Were Robbed Of The Season 2 Finale They Deserved

Image credit: Legion-Media

The second season of the romantic drama 'Bridgerton' was certainly a huge success, with many streaming records being broken within days of its release. But it also had one major flaw – the absence of Kate and Anthony's wedding scene.

The moment a lot of fans were eagerly expecting during series' second season was never really given to them. The wedding scene was abruptly finished before it even began – fans were only able to see the bride and groom in their wedding gowns, before the show flash-forwarded six month after.

Despite showrunner Chris Van Dusen's best attempts to explain why this was the only proper way to do this, thousands of fans were outraged, accusing series creators of 'robbing them'. Many people rightfully point out that Kate and Anthony's romance and subsequent fall out were carefully explained in the original Julia Queen's books, while Netflix version diminished their break up to a banal love triangle.

Kate and Anthony will return for series' upcoming third season, and fans hope that this major disappointment will be somehow fixed.

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